What’s the M*A*S*H fan adventure game being made with

The M*A*S*H fan adventure game is being made with Adventure Game Studio. It’s free open source software that was first developed in 1997 by Chris Jones. So the software is quite old and proven. It uses a GUI interface to make it a bit easier for a novice. You’ll however really need to know at least a bit of coding to make anything substantial.

The M*A*S*H fan adventure game is not my first attempt at making a point and click adventure game.

I’ve had my first run in with AGS in 2004 when I created my first adventure game. It is named King of Rock and it is terrible. It is really unplayable today. I was in my “I know what true music and values are” rocker teen phase back then.

Later I participated in a monthly AGS (MAGS) competition and won with my game Jailhouse Breakdown. It was my first game that had any animation in it.

Then I made another short game called Maniac Apartment that was later added to the Maniac Mansion Mania repository.

My latest game was a short game about scouts. I made it out of boredom but it became a fun little project. It follows scout Peter on his noble quest to help a friend.

As you can see I’ve dipped my toes in the AGS ecosystem a couple of times so I feel comfortable with it. Now there is also Adventure Creator that I am not really familiar with. It would be the sensible option seeing as it’s Unity based, but hey… AGS is free :). In the past it was possible to port AGS games to android. I’m not sure it can still be done. In the end the game won’t be suitable for phone screens anyway. So it will stay a windows based game. There are ways to make it work on OSX using Wine. I hear there is someone working on a ScummVM version that will allow AGS games to be played. That would essentially allow you to play the game on OSX.