What’s been done so far in the M*A*S*H fan game?

This is the first update post for the M*A*S*H fan game project. As of yet not much has been done really. The biggest portion that has been done are the game planning and most of the background art. 11 backgrounds have been made out of 15.

The game has a set story. It’s nothing special but it doesn’t need to be. The main objective for now is creating the world and it’s characters. Maybe we’ll get in to deeper stories in sequels and further episodes. For now I’ll reveal that Radar is the playable character.

All main characters have been designed and Radar has his walk cycle. Most of the inventory has been designed but most items will probably be redesigned. Radars walk cycle is also still a bit choppy and will be revamped.

As you can see the most that has been done are the compound backgrounds. All that’s missing from the exteriors is the supply tent. I think you’ve gathered by now that not all locations will be accessible. There will be no col. Potters tent (exterior or interior). There is no need for them in the story so they will not be included.

Also the game map is not exact. The camp is mobile after all. In the show it was always the same even when they moved, disregarding the change in terrain. This game follows the layout of the camp from the show to an extent but for the sake of game flow I decided to move certain locations around.

For now not a lot of coding has been done. Most of the coding that has been done is for connecting rooms together and some basic hotspot interactions. When all the backgrounds are done, I’ll start coding the more specific interactions, setting variables and maybe even multiple paths to solve puzzles (although I wouldn’t count on this for the first episode).