The Sequel!

Hi! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Sorry to say that the title may be a bit ahead of itself. A Sequel is in the ether but still only as notes in my notebook. Nothing concrete, just a couple of scribbles and plot ideas. Not long after the first game released I found out I was going to be a father. So I took a break, finished up some other projects I started in the same period, like building my own electric guitar, recording with my band, restoring some of my old retro consoles and games, etc. Then my computer crashed and I lost all my source code. I was left only with the assets on this website. Dumb of me seeing as I own a NAS. But then a couple of months ago I was cleaning up the data on my NAS and spotted a folder called finished project. Lo and behold it was the complete source code of the original game. Now the itch is back to make the sequel. My son is 5 almost 6 months old as of writing this and my wife is still in school. So, time is in low supply and Zale can’t spare any (bad joke, only MASH fans will get). But, I’ll try and make the sequel all the same. It’ll take a while but I’ll give it a shot. By reusing the assets of the first game it should be easier. Right? Tell me I’m right :P. BTW, the timeline has not been 100% determined yet. This could well be a prequel and feature characters that were not in the first game ;). This is not a guarantee though. Hawkeye, Klinger and Hotlips will surely make a return ;). Also, Radar will not be the main playable character. At least not all the time.