Scripting has started

Scripting for the game is fully underway. All the backgrounds have been drawn, all the characters have been designed. They are still not animated though.

For now the entire camp is interconnected and all the puzzles are scripted together, except some minor details. Now the main thing to do is start the world building. Adding descriptions to hotspots, objects and inventory items (that have also all been redesigned).

The game is coming along nicely all things considered. The next phase will be the animations and after that proof reading the dialogues. The last phase will be checking for bugs and puzzle errors.

As far as I can see, I have no game breaking puzzle loops, but until I have the whole thing built and play through it a couple of times in different order, I won’t really be able to tell.

So for now, that’s really all I can update on. I hate to put any actual dates on releases but the game should at least be in alpha by February.