Playthroughs, nominations, mentions, the works!

Hi, guys!

Since life ran me over in the last couple of months I wasn’t able to update you on what has been going on with the game. It’s been quite a bit of a rollercoaster. This little game of mine started to gain a bit of a following :). I never expected the game to reach any further than the Adventure Game Studio community and a couple of M*A*S*H fans that are also fans of P’n’C adventure games. Let’s face it, this game is pretty niche.


The game has been nominated in two categories for best puzzle design and best writting. Unfortunately it did not win any awards, but just being nomminated means I and all the people that helped allong the way did something right :).


Cryptic Hybrid posted a playthrough of the game way back in February of 2021. If anyone gets really stuck, you could use his playthrough as a sort of a guide. He does a good job actually, hardly gets stuck. He even noticed a bug I missed in the final release. As soon as I get a spare hour, I will fix that bug and post a new version of the game. It’s not game-breaking it just annoys me :).


Last but not least. My little game has been mentioned in a couple of online publications. I’ll put up a list of all the articles that mentioned it and keep updating it. Someone mentioned in a comment on one of the articles, that an episodic approach should first be continued by the developer. No worries, I’m on it. It’s just… Life get’s in the way :).

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