Nearing completion

outside OR

The game is nearing completion! It’s gone a long way since I first started. It’s still a short and simple point and click adventure game, but it’s polished to an extent that even I wasn’t planning it to be.

A lot of that is due to the beta testers that pointed certain things out to me. Some was advice about game design, some were just info about errors and programming issues.

Sprites have been updated and a lot of animation has been added.

The biggest things to solve for now are the intro and music. I’m planning to illustrate every character that appears in the game and an OR scene for the intro. That is not really a priority yet, because I still have some other commissions to finish first but it is something I would like to do.

Music includes the classic Suicide is painless and I was planning on using songs that the show used to play over the PA system but I can’t find any suitable instrumental versions of those songs. They all had this jazzy vibe that non of the instrumentals I find do. I’ll resort to using some stock jazzy music and see how that works out.