Welcome to the supply hut!

Welcome to the storage hut. You can download some of the resources I’ve created here. These are free and anyone can use them but there are some rules:

  1. The resources are not to be sold or used for profit.
  2. All games need to be freeware and publicly accessible.
  3. You need to credit “Viki.si Studio” if you use any of the resources.
  4. The resources need to be used for a M*A*S*H game.
  5. New resources that are created need to be shared on this website (use contacts site to notify me).
  6. Games using the resources have to be published on this website (use contacts site to notify me).

For now, only background and sprite art are available. The source code for the game will not be published, neither will any of the music, since I do not own the rights to any of it. You are on your own for that.

The download also contains photoshop files, so you can edit them a bit easier. The files are layered and also contain all walkable areas, hotspots, and walk-behind areas.

To download the assets you need to opt-in for the mailing list. I’ll update anyone when new assets are available. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time. You’re E-Mail will not be used for anything else other than to keep track how many people are interested in the assets and to update people with new stuff. Nothing will be sold or used for marketing.

I used Adventure game studio to create the first episode, but you can also use any other engine to build your game.

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