Alpha version of the game is done


The alpha version of the game is done and compiled! I’ve got good news and bad news though.

The good news is that the game is in a playable state! HURAY! The bad news is that the final release of the game will take a bit longer than I thought. Life just gave me a little boost with additional work in my illustrating career.

The alpha version of the game IS playable. It’s still in the testing phase with some people from the Adventure Game Studio forums.

There was a setback with a proofreading file. It basically destroyed half of the games dialog and texts. I didn’t count on the fact that the file will simply irreversibly overwrite all of my text in the code. So that is also one bad thing. Most of it is fixed already but some errors may still remain.

I’ve had a couple of trial and error moments with the title screen. I finally decided on the one you see pictured. It sums up who the characters in the game are. A fan immediately knows what era of M*A*S*H is represented.

I’m still on the fence if I should make the intro to the game more animated. For now all there is some dialog on a blank screen and some simple in engine character animation. If I’ll have time I’ll at least change the blank screen to shot of an OR session.

I’m still planning on making a new sprite for Radar and some additional animation for him. Like kneeling and using certain items from the inventory in specific ways). But that is going to be the last thing on my agenda, since other things are priority right now.

For now you can still try the demo ;).